Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Barbarian for Dragon Warriors

Here is the first character I created for Dragon Warriors. I rolled pretty good stats for him. It was actually the second set I rolled up because the first ones were not so good. So, following the suggestion in the rules, I discarded them. So I now present:

Ulf son of Egil the Wolfkiller


Strength 15
Reflexes 15
Intelligence 11
Psychic Talent 10
Looks 10

Health Points 13

Attack 15
Defense 7
Magical Defence 3
Evasion 6
Stealth 13
Perceptions 5

Ride Warhorse

Battle Axe
Full Mail Armor
Flint & Tinder

Florins 29

Ulf is the son of a Egil, a minor chieftain in Thuland. Egil is long on reputation but short on wealth. Egil earned his appellation as a young man during a hard winter. A large pack of desperate wolves attacked his village and Egil slew 10 of the beasts before day's end.

Ulf is a headstrong and impetuous youth who has trained as a warrior since childhood. One day, in a fit of anger, he killed the son of an important visiting chief. Not wanting to start a blood-feud but unable to pay wergild, Egil had him outlawed. Ulf now wanders Ellesland seeking adventure and gold. His goal is to earn enough gold to not only pay the wergild and return to his village but to build several raiding vessels to further increase his wealth and status. In his travels he has kept his eyes open for future raiding opportunities. Ulf's most prized possession is his axe. His father gave it to him as a parting gift and Ulf has optimistically dubbed it "Bloodspitter".

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