Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 13 There and Back Again

I read and think about RPGs much more than I play them.  I look at a lot of blogs and read
a lot of posts.  One of my favorite posts (I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite) is "1937 Hobbit as a Setting" on the Rise Up Comus blog.  (Also "The Hobbit 1937" which is linked at the beginning of the post.)  It speculates out and then lays out what a setting and OSR type rules would be like if it were based on the original version of The Hobbit before it was modified to be more in line with The Lord of the Rings.

Well, a fellow named Ray Otus used these posts as inspiration to make a little game called There and Back Again.  The game is free and can be found here.

Here's a character:

Valdfast, Human Ranger
Toughness 7/Fate 3

Fighting: Hand to Hand Martial Combat
Foraging: Surviving (in the wild), Tracking

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 12 Dragon Warriors

Something a little different for day 12, a Dragon Warriors character.  Dragon Warriors wasn't something I heard about when I was a kid.  Of course, I think is was easier to miss being in the U.S.  I would've liked to have seen it though.  The original pocket book format is intriguing.  

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 10 Star Wars

I know I already created a Star Wars Character for the Challenge but when I turned on the TV this morning Star Wars was on.  The original one.  The one I loved as a kid.  And then The Empire Strikes Back.  And then Return of the Jedi.  So I just had to.  In fact I made two characters.  I'll post the second one tomorrow.  Today, I created the Brash Pilot.  He's a force user.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 9 Risus

Ah, Risus.  What can I say about Risus?  Such a simple, lovely little game.  And so easy to
create characters for.  Come up with a concept and split 10d6 between them with none starting higher 4d.

So, I think I'm going to create an Action Archaeologist from the 30's.  

Dr. Achilles Peters
Description:  An accomplished archaeologist whose field expeditions always seem to turn into adventures despite his best efforts and his classes turn chaotic as both female and male students seem to daydream the time away.

Daring Archaeologist (4)
Befuddled Professor (3)
Students Love the DR. (2)
Irremovable Hat (1)

Friday, January 8, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 8 Melee

Though Melee itself isn't a roleplaying game, it was my gateway to roleplaying games and I
actually used it kind.  You are able to improve your character as they win fights and as they successfully completed the solo adventures like Death Test.  It was originally published by Metagaming in the late 70's through the early 80's and it was brought back by Steve Jackson Games in 2019 with most of the rest of The Fantasy Trip line.

ST 12
DX 12 (10)
MA 8

Broadsword 2d
Dagger 1-1

Leather     /  Stops 3
Sm Shield/   Hits

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 7 Cepheus Atom

 My choice of game for day 7 of the Character Creation Challenge is Cepheus Atom.  A post-apocalypse game powered by a simplified Cepheus engine. This is the first character I've made for it.  Super-simple and the entire game looks super-simple.  I loved Gamma World back in the day so I can't wait to try it.

Fillable character sheet from the Polyhedral Nonsense blog.