Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Black Pudding #2

So, the second issue of the 'zine Black Pudding has come out.  I described it elsewhere as "delightfully quirky".  And the second edition certainly is.  Here is an example of the inventive content that both delights me and cracks me up.   This is the description for a new 10 level class

Fey Savage

You are the child of a dainty fairy and a human barbarian.  The combination has resulted in extremes of behavior that make your friends uncomfortable.  You are about 3' to 4' tall and you smile a lot, especially while in bloody battle.  Life is good.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Dare the Stars!

Man!  I absolutely love this cover for some reason.  And Dare the Stars! is based on White Star so it's definitely on my to-buy list.  I've always had a weakness for pulpy adventures of the spacey kind.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Loot

Today I got Dungeon World.  I'm very interested in reading it to see how it works.
I also received a $50 "I don't know what to get you from your long Christmas list of games" gift certificate.  Any suggests for one or more games?  It can be print or PDF.  I have some ideas but other perspectives are appreciated.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Ryth Chronicle

Many of you may have seen this before but I just found an interesting slice of early D&D roleplaying.  It's called the Ryth Chronicle and it can be found at the Risus Monkey blog here.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Potentia Mundi - Blog Shout Out

I've been looking at the blog Potentia Mundi by Finn Cullen.  Finn has several cool BoL adventures posted there as well as a lot of material for the GUMSHOE system which includes Trail of Cthulhu.  He also posts under the name Finn at the BoL forum Champions of Lemuria.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Children of Galdren 2
In the beginning, Tuharis, the Lady of Light, formed the Land from primordial chaos.  She then brought forth the first people to inhabit the land.  She created the first elf, Elion, from the wood of the trees and the first dwarf, Galdren, from the stone of the mountains.  Elion lived in the Great Forest with his children, learning the way of plants and nature, sky and water and magic.  Meanwhile, Galdren founded the first dwarf home and delved into the secrets of the earth, creating wondrous artifacts and grand structures from the stones and metals, minerals and gems.  The Land was harmonious and all were happy.

All were happy, that is, except for Ahtarr, the Lord of Darkness and the twin brother of Tuharis.  Ahtarr loved chaos and strife.  He reveled in the primordial chaos and resented Tuharis for changing it and taming it, even a part of it.  Thus Ahtarr began to scheme.  Afraid to confront Tuharis directly, he began to introduce bits of chaos to the world in order to ruin the happy Land.  He brought forth monsters to prey on the people and to bring them fear.  He fashioned Dark Magic from chaos to warp and twist the unwary users' minds and souls.  And he created the goblins to kill the first inhabitants and to ravage the Land.  The quickly reproducing goblins were a particular threat to the long-lived but less prolific elves and dwarves., Tuharis created humans to counter the threat of the goblins.  Humans had neither the great knowledge and magic of the elves nor the endurance and industriousness of the dwarves.  And they short-lived compared to both.  But the humans were supremely adaptable and reproduced much more quickly and were therefore very successful.

The human/elf/dwarf alliance eventually won the great Goblin Wars and drove the goblins to the far north beyond the Northlands.  But the alliance paid a great price.  The Land was ravaged and the forests were burnt and many died.  Without a common threat the alliance dissolved as each people looked to their own needs.  And Ahtarr took advantage of the situation to sow discord between the three.  And thus, though the Land has recovered, when Flametongue flew out of the north, the dwarves could find none to aid them (even their southern brethren it turns out.)

Today, the Land faces its greatest peril since the advent of the goblins.  Disunited and fragmented in the face of Firetongue in the Northlands and the goblins throughout the mountains, the three peoples and the Land itself may be destroyed.

Will heroes rise to face the challenge?

Next up, a bit about the inhabitants of the Land, their beliefs and customs and their view of the world.