Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Reviews and Overviews – a Disclaimer

Many of the blog authors that I admire and read regularly have the ability to not only review an RPG product thoroughly but to also place the item into a larger, gaming-related context. They can discuss the game’s philosophical place in the gaming world, its history, influences and impact. I, unfortunately, seem to be unable to do this. So my reviews will be focused on what I find useful, fun and attractive about a product. This, of course, is highly subjective.

Take, for example, my endlessly professed love of Barbarians of Lemuria. It is a rules-lite sword & sorcery game with the flexibility to be bent and twisted to other genres. It seems perfect for my situation. Working full-time, having a family and being a homeowner greatly diminishes my free time. The only place to gain that free time is to cut back on sleep (which I do too often). BoL allows me to swiftly create adventures that can be run quickly and are filled with excitement. In my long gone, misspent youth I had the leisure to role-play for hours on end, have epic campaigns and delve into the minutia of a game. And believe you me; I would agonize over which weapon to arm my character with or what armor he should wear. So back then I may not have like BoL as much as I do now.

Having said all that it is my hope that you will still find my ramblings useful.


  1. So what if you don't review things like someone else? We all have our own strengths and no doubt there are a dozen things YOU do better than some other blogger. Do what you do with passion and you just can't go wrong. I like your blog because it is honest, interesting, thoughtful and independent. What more should a man (or his blog) strive to be?