Sunday, April 18, 2010

Martos the Scholar

Martos is the the fifth son born to a noble family of Satarla. In a place where primogeniture was the law, this meant that Martos would have to find or create his own place in the world. This usually meant the sword or the cowl. Martos, however, had discovered early in life that he was a coward. He had received training in the sword as any child of nobility would in a duel-mad society. He was fine in training but once swords were drawn in earnest, well, it was a different story. It only reinforced what he knew in his heart: Physical danger unmanned him. He also knew he wasn't a very devout fellow and so the priesthood was not for him. The gods did not look kindly on hypocrites. Fortunately he found a home at the great university in Satarla. Most scions of nobility spent at least some time there and Martos found the intellectual duels much more to his taste. He not only fit in, he excelled. He was a student, then an assistant and is currently a lecturer. He hopes that once he has finished his history of Ancient Qeb he will receive a coveted professorship.

But then the Lord Chancellor gave him a mission. One that could help him achieve his intellectual and professional goals but also one that will force him to face his darkest fears.

Martos the Scholar

Strength 0
Agility 0
Mind 3
Appeal 1

Brawl 0
Melee 1
Ranged 0
Dodge 3

Noble 1
Scholar 3
Healer 0
Alchemist 0

Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5

Weapons - Knife (for sharpening writing utensils)

Languages - Literate
Lemurian, Ygddari, Sorceric


Combat Paralysis

I had come up with a bit of fiction to accompany this character. I decided to spare you though.

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  1. Love it! I imagine the hairy barbarian, the canny thief and the jaded sword for hire would are... um, love to him in onboard...

    Great character.