Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Nefarious Plan

We love Supers! at our house. If you follow this blog you probably know it is our most played game followed by Barbarians of Lemuria. Both of my boys are good at mathematics for their age. My oldest son, however much he grasps the concepts of math and the beginnings of algebra, he does not like rote memorization. Thus he at times has trouble with the upper multiplication tables. I can completely understand this because I went through the same thing.

So, my plan:

Supers! relies on addition. You roll a handful of dice and add them up. This is good practice for my six-year old. He's getting good at glancing at a group of dice and knowing the total. Now since the superhero genre is so popular amongst the younger generation here I am planning to order the new addition of BASH (the old edition didn't do anything for me but reviews have good things to say about the improvements and expansions to the new edition.) BASH relies on multiplication for dice results. Roll two d6s and multiply by attribute or skill. This will be perfect for my older son. He will be practicing his multiplication skill under the guise of defeating villains. (And this is actually one of the stated goals the author of the game had for the original edition.) I told my wife about this and she was enthused. So, instead of buying just the pdf I am buying the hardcopy too.

An enjoyable game, educational benefits and spousal approval. I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. Very nice. :)

    Then you can use Icons to teach them about negative numbers!

  2. Well if you like BASH and Legends of Steel-check out todays post-