Saturday, November 19, 2011

Brave and the Bold

So, I didn't watch Batman the Brave and the Bold much until recently. When I saw the first episode I thought it was goofy. But it grew on me. Now I really like it. And I caught the last episode last night. And it made me sad for some reason.

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  1. I agree that the series was fun and a refreshing change from the overly serious comic-based series. One of the guilty pleasures of reading DC comics has always been the neverending stream of goofy side characters and this show brought them to life in style.

    I think that they closed the series in a great way with the Bat mite storyline and also bringing in Ambush Bug as well. Funny thing is that Bat Mite's motivation for his plot, mirrors that actual real world plans of the network.

    BMTBATB, said so fluidly by Bat Mite in this episode, would make a wonderful basis for some light-hearted tabletop RPG play. Players wouldn't even have to be confined to a single hero and could shift on a whim, bouncing back and forth to all new characters and back to favorites at will.