Monday, May 13, 2013

Og: Unearthed Edition

"You bang hairy food thing!" said Ug.
Uk shook his head.  "Hairy thing bang me!  Me food!"
Ug frowned.  "Go food!  Me bang you!"*

It's tough being a caveman.  Particularly when there are only 18 words in your entire language and you probably don't know all of them.  Welcome to the world of Og, a simple comedic caveman roleplaying game.  My son was perusing my game shelf, saw it, read it and we played a very brief session with it.

It uses a simple system that only requires one d6.  You choose your type of caveman:  Banging, Fast, Tough, etc.  There are four stats:  Attack, Ungggghh Points (hit points), Damage (done to others) and Dodge/Evade.  In addition to stats you have your Words.  You choose between four and eight words from the list of 18.  You get more if you are an Eloquent caveman.  Choose a few skills and you are off.

I played with just my son and it was fun and funny.  I think it would work better with more people though because the players can only communicate with each other using only the words their caveman knows.

Check it out if you want a fun game that probably work best as a filler.

"I'm hungry.  Go kill that elk!" said Ug
Uk shook his head.  "No way dude, that sabertooth will kill me and eat me!"
Ug frowned.  "Go kill the elk or I'll kick your ass from here til tomorrow!"

Ok.  Roughly translated.

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