Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Amazing Discovery!

So, long about 1980 a show debuted on TV that changed my life:  Thundarr the Barbarian.  I was never the same after watching that show.  Gamma World suddenly played a much larger role in my life.  Mutations and magic suddenly seemed a logical mix.  I pulled out Star Man's Son (Daybreak-2250 A.D.) and read it again.  Twice.  Good times.  Gaming was an unlimited vista of adventure.  All because of a cheesy sci-fi (yes, I said it.  Sci-fi.  Not SF) cartoon.  I wanted a sunsword (and Princess Ariel, too, in an innocent way.)  It was only a few years later that SF and fantasy became rigidly separated in my mind again but while the cross-over lasted, it was pure magic.

Well, yesterday I discovered a DVD set of the complete series at my local library!  I promptly checked
it out and forced my kids to watch the first episode..  They did not have a choice.  They liked it and will watch more episodes with me but I know it doesn't hold the magic for them that it did for me when I was their age.  Oh well.  Nostalgia, here I come!


  1. First the Thundarr/ Gamma World connection was chocolate and Peanut Butter to the 80's me-I liked this was more than Thunder Cats! Second, I noticed that there really aren't Cartoons like this around anymore, no Tarzan, no Blackstar, no Jonny Quest, no Herculoids...what the hell happened to cartoons that were filled with adventure??