Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crimson Blades

Simon Washbourne (yeah, probably my favorite game designer) has created a new sword & sorcery/dark fantasy rpg called Crimson Blades.  It is an old school OGL game based on his Woodland Warriors' ruleset and influenced by Moorcock's Elric and the magic system from Chaosium's Stormbringer.  I had the chance to scan the draft but didn't have the time to read it thoroughly.  And now he's gone and published it.  You can find it on RPGNow here.  For a low price too.  I'm excited and now I'm off to buy it.


  1. Cool. I hope you like it mate! I've run a couple of sessions and it works well (it didn't need too much play testing as it had plenty with Woodland Warriors and there are only a few changes from that system)

  2. Out of curiosity, which version of Stormbringer does it use as inspiration for the magic system? I wrote the demon creation rules for Stormbringer 4th edition, and would love to see what someone's done with them.