Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Advanced Fighting Fantasy Characters - The Barbarian Warrior

I created two characters using the rules in Dungeoneer. What I did was rolled one set of stats and used them to build two different characters. I did this to shows the flexibility and the limitations of this easy system. I chose two classic archetypes, the barbarian and the wizard. I thought of using the stats to build a third character, a thief type, but didn't. I may still do so in the future.

The stats I rolled are as follows:
Skill 11
Stamina 18
Luck 11

These are good rolls. The maximum you can roll is 12 in Skill and Luck and 24 in Stamina.

Here is the first character:

Barbarian Warrior
Age 18

Skill 11
Stamina 18
Luck 11

Sword 14
Spear 13
Javelin 12
Climb 13
Awareness 13
Wood Lore 13

Equipment - Sword, 1 gp.

Thorgard son of Thorgang was born into the Redspear clan in the foothills of the Freezeblood Mountains in eastern Allansia. He was son to a woodcarver. The harsh life in the hills hardened Thorgard and he became a skilled hunter and a feared warrior. Always curious about the wider world he left home to find it.

Thorgard is naive about the ways of the world beyond the hills, particularly of cities. This has caused trouble from time to time. He doesn't seek trouble but will not back away from it if it finds him. He has yet to develop extravagant tastes but rarely passes up the chance to acquire gold. Which he promptly spends.

"Ale. Now."
"I'll kill it."
"What does he mean by that?"

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