Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two Characters for Barbarians of Lemuria

So, I created two characters for Barbarians of Lemuria. Though I mentioned before that I am not overly thrilled with the setting included in the book, I created the characters by the book. So here goes.

Farnos Farhan
Farnos is the scion of a Satarlan noble family of minor standing. He was raised in luxurious surroundings, never knowing true want. Like many young nobles he serves when needed in his city's army as an officer. Unlike other young nobles he takes this service seriously and has the makings of a competent soldier. Farnos has been trained for combat since youth. He favors the slender rapier used in formal duels amongst the nobles of Satarla. He also enjoys the chase. He hunts frequently in the comparatively tame countryside surrounding the city. His big dream is to lead an expedition into the deep jungle to take truly large game. Farnos is tall, slim and always elegantly turned out.

Strength 0
Agility 2
Mind 1
Appeal 1

Brawl 0
Melee 2
Ranged 1
Noble 2
Soldier 1
Hunter 1
Merchant 0

Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5

Armor - Gauntlets 1
Weapons - Rapier d6, Dagger d3, Bow d6
Languages - Lemurian (literate)
Boon - Etiquette
Bruthal son of Bruthus
Bruthal is a barbarian from the jungle of Qush. In his homeland he was a warrior and hunter. He killed a man from another clan because the man insulted him. As part of the blood price Bruthal was exiled. He has wandered the land at times serving as a caravan guard or a mercenary. However, he chafes under military discipline and only seeks that kind of employment when all else fails. He occasionally fights as a free man in the arena to earn extra money. he is large, well muscled but not overly bright. He excels at fighting with his tribal weapon, the great hunting spear.
Strength 3
Agility 2
Mind -1
Appeal 0

Brawl 1
Melee 3
Ranged 0
Defense 0

Barbarian 2
Hunter 1
Warrior 1
Gladiator 0

Lifeblood 13
Hero Points 5

Armor - none
Weapons - Great Spear d6+2, Dagger d3
Languages - Lemurian

Boons - Jungle Tracker, Keen Eyesight
Flaw - Distrust of Sorcery
Farnos was walking alone through the city one day when five dandies from a rival house set upon him. Bruthal saw Farnos being unfairly attacked and for some reason unknown even to him, he waded in and helped turn the tide. Afterwards they became fast friends. Farnos is currently putting together the financing for a grand hunting expedition into the Qush. Bruthal will act as his guide.
What do you think?


  1. Having read BoL, i'm not a fan of the setting either, but the game itself is very easy to use.

    I want to check out a couple of other S&S games, including Legends of Steel: Savage Worlds, to see how they compare.

  2. I'm very interested in Legends of Steel also. To keep things simple, though, I want to try the BoL version.

  3. Just discovered your blog--thanks for the plug for Vargold. I think I will be stealing Farnos and Bruthal for my own BoL game: they seem like great patrons to use for an adventure set-up.

  4. Welcome to my little corner of the web, Rob. I'm glad you found something useful.