Friday, January 15, 2010


I keep having the urge to post characters from the various systems I examine or buy. I guess this comes from my youth when I didn't always have a game group to play with so I would create characters. I spent a lot of time doing this with Traveller. It was a mini-game in itself. I liked to see how far I could take a character before he got too old or died. Great fun.

This wasn't necessarily what I had in mind for this blog but I'll just go with it. Hopefully someone will find some utility in it.

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  1. I hear you on this one. The process of character creation I find great fun, but then I'm a writer anyway, so that sort of thing comes naturally to me. Sometimes, the backstory kind of takes over (not stricly Old School but I don't care) and I really feel the character starting to come to life. If there is a sympathetic DM, he could use elements of the character's backstory to generate ideas for adventure.

    I'm currently using the Dragonsfoot 1e Character generator to roll up NPCs for my campaign. They come out all shiny and new at 1st level, so they need some development to turn them into rounded and believable people with whom the characters can interact. I find that sometimes it's as simple as the choice of weapons that can start to define a character. I don't use (and haven't for a long time) tables for eye and hair colour - that kind of thing comes with the character now.