Saturday, August 29, 2015

Not a real Spartan.
That last post happened to be my 300th.  The RPGaDAY posts put me over the top.

I only picked this photo for the number.  I have never and probably will never see the travesty of history.  Gosh.


  1. Congratulations and here see to 3000 more!

  2. The movie is curiously relevant to an heroic game such as BoL. It is expressly what a storyteller, the only spartan survivor, is narrating to an audience of Greeks about the events. It is the LEGEND, not ever pretending to be the history. Watched from that perspective it actually works reasonably well, suitably over the top, heroic and very partisan.

  3. I enjoy movies based on historical events even if they play fast and loose with the with details. And I can see how the movie would be useful for BoL. If nothing else it could be mined for ideas. My problem with this movie (and the graphic novel, which I couldn't finish) is that I studied ancient Greek history in college. I find the Battle of Thermopyle to be dramatic enough without embellishment. It really offends my sensibilities for some reason. So much that I can't just let it go and enjoy the movie for what it is. Did it show the 700 Thespians?

    And the way they made Xerxes look...