Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#RPGaDay2015 Day 11: Favorite RPG Writer Part 2

FREE DOWNLOADSOk.  That's what I get for posting tired and unfocused.  There is a second RPG writer that I wanted to mention but didn't.  My other favorite RPG writer is C.R. Brandon, the author of Heroes & Other Worlds, Rogue Space and the upcoming Blades & Black Magic amongst others.

There are two things in particular I like about about Mr. Brandon's writing and another two things I like in general.  So, the first thing I like about his writing is that he writes in the same playground I play in.  What I mean by that is he writes rules-lite games, some of which are based on Melee/Wizard/TFTHeroes & Other Worlds is and so is his newest free item Swords & Spells.  (Which by the way is a nifty one-booklet combination of Melee and Wizard which will give my poor, battered 35 year old copies of those games a break.)  The second thing I like about his writing is that he seems to write specifically for me (which I know isn't true, but I like to say it anyway).  I think we think along similar lines when it comes to games and I really like that.

The two things that I like in general is, first, he puts out a lot of free games and supplements.  The above mentioned Swords & Spells is one example.  Free is always nice particularly when it is good quality free.  Second, he is always open to input when he is creating games.  He's taken suggestions from the comment sections of his various blogs and worked them into his games.  That's nice.

Oh, a third thing I like is that his wife does some of the cool art for his games.

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