Saturday, August 8, 2015

Grit the Barbarian (Far Away Land)

I was going to create a character for Far Away Land when it struck me:  Why don't I create the same character for multiple systems just for kicks.  Since each system has a different tone I would adjust the character to match the tone.  Since Far Away Land has a humorous tone to me, I would make the character humorous (hence the name Grit.)  Barbarians of Lemuria has a more heroic feeling to me with a dark undertone, I will match the character to that.

So, without further ado, here is Grit for Far Away Land.

Grit the Barbarian from the far hills.  Never met an ale he didn't like or a shirt he did.

BRT 3  DEX 2  WIT 1  HP 13
ACT 5  LUCK 2  LVL 1  XP 0
AC 0

Boons:  Athletics 1  Melee 1  Punk 1  Scuffle 1
Flaws:  Gullible, Obnoxious
Gear:  Two-Handed Sword (1d6+1), Fur Diaper

Grit is a large blonde barbarian with a large mustache and long braid that he is inordinately fond of.  He is new to civilized lands and has yet to learn its ways.  Thus many take his behavior to be obnoxious and he is easily taken advantage of by slick city-folk.  Don't make him mad though.  He will tear a building down with his bare hands in order to get at the target of his ire.

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