Monday, August 3, 2015

#RPGaDay Day 3: Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months

Day 3:  Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months

This is a tough one.  It's tough because I have been diagnosed with a case of clinical Gamer ADD.  I am constantly seeking the "perfect" system that contains the right balance of light mechanics but evocative game play.  Even though I am entirely happy with three systems that I think cover my needs.  With one or two auxiliary systems for variety.

So, I'm going to cheat a little.  I'm going to pick 1 1/2 new games.

Far Away Land RPG! height=The first game is one that really intrigues me though I haven't played it yet.  And that is Far Away Land.  It is rules-lite but with an interesting die mechanic that I've never used before.  It is also kind of a riff on Adventure Time and its twisted setting.  I've been known to watch an episode or three with my boys, who love the show.  It has 7 or so free adventures which is always nice.  I only wish I could afford the Tome of Awesome which incorporates the core rules, the bestiary and the other supplements into one book.  Oh, I'd like it in hardback as well as pdf.  Not, that I want much.

My half choice is such because it is actually a setting for Savage Worlds.  It is Lankhmar: City of Thieves.  Once again a sword & sorcery choice.  Lankhmar, and by extension Newhon is one of the iconic s&s settings up there with the Hyborian Age and the Melnibone and the New Kingdoms.


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