Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grit the Barbarian (Barbarians of Lemuria) son of Gritus of the Sandstone Clan was born in the wilds of Valgard.  The Sandstone Clan was a small, poor clan that was often the target of raids and often came up short in conflicts over hunting grounds.  Grit grew up to be a doughty fighter but even he could not help the clan in its plight.  Shortly after Grit passed his 17th birthday the final disaster happened.  A combination of other Valgardian clans combined and broke the Sandstone Clan and expelled them from their traditional homeland.  Though Grit survived, his family was killed and the remnant of his clan scattered.  To top it off, girl he was matched to marry decided to marry a warrior from a victorious clan and live amongst them.  With nothing left tying him to Valgard he we south over the mountains to seek his fortune and bury his pain.

Grit's naivete and ignorance of the Southern Lands soon displayed itself.  He fell in with a band of travellers who drugged him, trussed him and sold him into slavery.  Grit's strong arms and broad back gained his captors a tidy sum of money.  Grit ended up on a large latifundia as a field slave.  It quickly became apparent to his new masters that Grit was completely unsuitable to be a field slave.  Grit was to stubborn and proud to bend to his new masters no matter what punishments they inflicted upon him.  Given the choice between killing him or selling him, they recouped their investment by selling him to a lanista.

Grit quickly proved his fighting skills and soon became a top gladiator.  After a near miraculous victory in which he single-handedly defeated two raging deodargs, Grit was granted his freedom.  He has since wandered the land serving and distinguishing himself as a mercenary for various companies and cities.

Grit is tall, blonde and well built.  He is just starting to regrow the traditional long braid that the warriors of the Sandstone clan wore that was cut off when he became a slave.  He tends towards brooding but can be humorous and enjoy life when he breaks free of the darkness that envelopes him.

Grim son of Gritus

Attributes: Strength 3, Agility 1, Mind 0, Appeal 0
Combat Abilities:  Initiative 1, Melee 2, Ranged 0, Defense 1
Boons:  Marked by the Gods, Trademark Weapon (Valgardian Blade)
Careers:  Barbarian 2, Slave 0, Gladiator 1, Mercenary  1
Flaws:  Country Bumpkin
Lifeblood: 13  Hero Points: 6
Languages:  Valgardian, Lemurian
Weapons:  Sword (Valgardian) d6+3, Axe d6+3

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