Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#RPGaDay Day 4: Most Surprising Game

Day 4:  Most Surprising Game

The game that most surprised me is Servants of Gaius by Bedrock Games.  The mechanical aspects didn't surprise me, the theme did.  The characters are in a secret organization in the service of the Roman emperor Gaius, aka Caligula, fighting a conspiracy against the Empire.  Having studied history a bit I had trouble with Caligula being portrayed as a good guy.  His historical reputation stemmed from a negative propaganda campaign by the conspirators.

So, I love the ancient world for gaming, particularly Rome and Greece.  What really sold me though was a review by Tommy Brownell and then the conversation I had with Tommy and the game's creator in the comments section.  You can read the review and the conversation here.  The last thing that really hooked me after I read the rules was that the book doesn't define what the conspirasy actually is.  It could be purely man-made or of a supernatural nuture.  It's up the the GM.  So, now the setting really fires my imagination and is really cool to me.  Surprise!

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