Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Zarand Zin

Zarand Zin was born to a poor family struggling to get by in the big city of Parsool. His parents died of a plague when he was eight and his hardscrabble life became even more difficult. He came to resent the mockery and disdain of those with money and leisure and became angry at the great disparities of wealth that manifested itself in Parsool He tried to support himself through odd jobs and begging but on many occasions had to resort to thievery. He became adept at sleight of hand and misdirection and became an accomplished pick-pocket. As a result, he came to the attention of an elderly street magician who saw in Zarand the potential for a great entertainer. This made life slighty better but again entertainers aren’t held in the highest esteem in Parsool. The old fellow taught Zarand a few minor magical tricks as part of his training, which he used to enhance his stage show. One night Zarand nearly burned down the hovel he lived in while practicing the torch lighting trick he had learned. Instead of producing a small flame as usually happened, a sheet of flames erupted from his fingers. The accompanying surge of power he felt opened a new world for him. He knew now that he could work powerful magics and that, with the right training, he could change his station in life. And for Zarand, there was only one place to reach his full potential: The Isle of Thule where the dark magicians practiced their arts. The resentment that was always bubbling under the surface finally burst forth. He sought out the first rich person he could find in the gathering darkness and attempted to cut his purse. However, the nobleman noticed and called for his bodyguard. Zarand, desperate, slipped the knife into the man’s ribs and fled into the alleys with the money. He had never resorted to violence in a robbery attempt before. He immediately bought himself passage to Thule.

Now, fifteen years later, Zarand Zin has reappeared. His dark masters have sent him on a mission to recover an artifact of great power. What it is and where it is located nobody knows. But the one thing that is apparent is that Zarand Zin is a changed man. He is dressed in the finest of silks and travels with servants who do his every bidding. His equipment is abundant and is of the finest quality. It is also easy to see that the darkness in his soul has consumed him and an unholy fire burns in his eye. Zarand Zin is now a force to be reckoned with and the world had better beware.

Zarand Zin
Strength 0
Agility 1
Mind 3
Appeal 0

Brawl 1
Melee 0
Ranged 0
Defence 3

Begger 0
Entertainer 1
Magician 2
Thief 0

Lifeblood 10
Hero Points 5


Lemurian (Literate)
Sorceric (Written)
Ygddari (Literate)


City Dweller