Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lunch Games

Long time no post.

Wrathofzombie's BlogThe big news in my gaming life is that I've been playing a sporadic one-on-one game of White Box with a coworker during my lunch time.  Our session lengths are necessarily limited to about 45 minutes so they are usually short and sharp.  We've been enjoying ourselves particularly since it is strictly our game and we can do whatever we choose with it.  So, for example, the character my player runs isn't strictly by the book but hey, it's just us so who cares.  I posted about the background back in July and you can read about it here.  So far my player T's character Shael, an elf ranger, has left her home forest, helped an old farming couple by killing a wild boar that was ravaging their farm, fought some bandits on a road and is in the process of clearing them from their lair.  She just defeated their 4th level leader and sent him packing.  She is about to reap the benefits of her efforts with a surprisingly large amount of loot.

We've been trying various venues for our game which has lead to at least one amusing situation.  We met at a local Starbucks to play and we had one lady throw us several odd looks in the midst of describing a battle that involved axes and some gratuitous bloodshed.  I mean when my player rolls a 20 and one-shots a bandit I need to give his death a proper description, right?

Each brief session has been fun and stress free and both of us have look forward to our next game.