Thursday, September 21, 2017

How He Started His Sandbox

+Michael S aka Chgowiz who writes Chicagowiz's Blog wrote an interesting post about how he started his long running sandbox game.  I found this not only helpful but timely as I have been trying to create a sandbox setting to start a new group in.  I have a solid, if cliched, idea for the foundation and a way to tie the group together and to the setting.  And I have three or four adventure hooks to start out with, a starting base with key npc's, as well as an overarching plot if I want to use it.  My problem is that whenever I try to do a project like this is that I become overwhelmed, lose my self-confidence and end up almost paralyzed with doubt and indecision.  I had read Michael's excellent post "Dispelling a myth - Sandbox prep" previously but apparently hadn't taken it to heart.  However, "How I Started My Sandbox" seemed to pull it all together for me and helped ease my doubts to the point where I can now put the first seven or eight hexes down on paper and key them with the adventures I have in mind.  Thanks, Michael!