Monday, March 25, 2019

The Legacy Edition

My box came today with my Legacy Edition box of The Fantasy Trip!  So excited to start playing around with it!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

First Full TFT Character

I didn't own the In the Labyrinth rules back when I was a kid.  So I have only made character using the Melee and Wizard rules.  Even then I preferred warriors to wizards so I mostly built heros.  Thus, this is my first full build using the full TFT rules.

Marcus Valerius Corvus
Related image
St 11
DX 12 (8)
IQ 9
MA 6

Short sword 2-1
Javelin 1-1
Dagger 1-1

Chainmail / Stops 5
Lg Shield/    Hits

Sword, Shield
Carpenter, Literacy, Pole Weapons*

*Edit:  With input from Yongi on MeWe I decided to replace Thrown Weapons with Pole Weapons.  He pointed out that without Pole Weapons Marcus would be throwing his javelin using 4 dice.  Thanks Yongi.