Monday, May 19, 2014

Traveller or ....

Is it just me or is Traveller suddenly being discussed more on the blogs and on G+?  I seem to be seeing more posts and such about it.

Which is fine by me.  Between all the posts and showing my oldest son Firefly for the first time, I am really in the mood for some Traveller.  I got Traveller back in '82 I think.  (That picture.  Not my copy.  My books have rusty staples from a stint in storage and have the occasional grease stain from food.  The box top is flat and the box bottom is held together by yellowing masking tape.)  To be truthful, I didn't get to play it with a group that often but I got a lot of entertainment out of it nonetheless.  I spent hours rolling up characters (and watching some of them die [that's die as in death, not die as in dice]), creating subsectors and running a Free Trader between them solo, etc.

So, I reached for Traveller thinking it would be a good match for Firefly.  After all, I read that Jos Whedon had based Firefly on his Traveller campaign.  I fooled around with it a bit and started making a subsector intending to create a setting not connected to Traveller's official Imperial setting.

However, I've also been rereading and pondering Mini Six for the purpose of tweaking it for a sword & sorcery focused game.  (More on that in a later post.)  And what is tucked away in the back of Mini-Six?  A setting called "Perdition".  Firefly with the serial numbers badly filed off.

So, my conundrum is this:  Traveller or Mini-Six?  I think they would both do a fine job with a Firefly game but which should I choose?

I await your words of wisdom....