Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Mini Six Again

 I was planning on creating and posting a Mini Six character today.  I looked back at my blog and realized I had posted a Mini Six character exactly 10 years ago!  It was a character for the Perdition mini-setting.  So here's a link to that character.  I'll create and post a new one in the next couple days.


Thursday, December 10, 2020

OneDice Pulp Detective

 John Ayala grew up in a rough neighborhood.  His parents were hardworking people who did their best to put a roof over his head, food on the table and to raise him right.  To keep him off the streets and out of trouble his father got him involved in boxing as a kid and he became known throughout the city as a fighter.  He didn't pursue boxing though because he always wanted to be a police officer.  He put his mind to it and after he got out of school he reached his goal.  But once he became a cop, he sometimes had troubles telling the good guys from the bad.  So he quit.  He decided to become a private investigator.  He hoped he'd be able to do some good that way.  He's been disappointed so far.

John Ayala
Private Investigator

ST 3  CL 2 QK 2
HT 9 DF 9 Move 20

Bruiser 4
Dodgy 1
Investigation 1
Shooting 1
Perception 1

Martial Arts (Boxing)

Fedora, overcoat, .38 revolver