Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clerics: B/X or LL?

Our old-school-type game of choice is Labyrinth Lord. In LL, clerics get a spell at first level. B/X D&D makes clerics wait until the second level before they get their first spell.

What is your preference? Comments are welcome but I've also put a poll up in the side-bar.


  1. I like the concept that a fist level cleric does NOT get a spell at 1st level. The 1st level Acolyte is just a new follower of the god and has yet to prove his devotion and faith. Thus upon reaching 2nd level (Adept) the PC has gone through trials and has proven his/her dedication to their god.

    It does make it a bit more of a grind, though as the party doesn't have access to that healer early on.

  2. I kind of like the feel of clerics needing to wait a level for a spell. To me it always "made sense".