Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Its been all over the internet but, apparently, someone is going to bring out a new edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. Details are scarce but here is the announcement.

I think this is rather cool. Although I haven't actually had the opportunity to play this system I am rather fond of it. I would buy the new edition to replace/supplement my used copies.


  1. I managed the old books except for ALLANSIA! I still have not managed to get a copy of it! I tried running it a couple times, but it didn't really trip my switch as a fantasy game. Perhaps as a basis for another genre though, say a World War I in space genre? Hmmmm...

  2. Allansia is the only one that has eluded me too. I bought everything else second hand for very reasonable prices (including shipping from the UK in on case.) But copies of Allansia are just to expensive for me to justify buying.

    I'm hoping to get ahold of the material in newly published form.