Monday, January 16, 2012

TFT Clone Resources

So Fenway5’s very satisfactory effort, rechristened Heroes & Other Worlds, got me thinking about other sources I’ve found for The Fantasy Trip/Melee retroclones. Here are a few.

Legends of the Ancient World
This is a commercial effort by Dark City Games. The ruleset closely emulates an abbreviated version of TFT and is free. The commercial portion is that they sell programmed adventures ala Death Test. The adventures come in a ziplock pouch with a rulebook, a map and cardboard counters that you cut out. I own Wolves on the Rhine and am very pleased with the components and the adventure.

Warrior & Wizard
This is a retroclone of TFT. The document is a playtest version and comes in at just shy of 50 pages. Frankly, though this is a good effort, I prefer Fenway’s version.

The Fantasy Quest
This is also a commercial effort. There is supposedly a game emulating Melee and future releases for Wizard and other adventures and rules. The status of this is unknown, however, because although the Melee clone is offered for sale the majority of the website states that the products are coming in 2009.

Melee/Wizard Rules on a Wiki,
The original rules for Melee and Wizard appear on the listed wiki. Ahh, love the original.

If you you know of any other sources for the rules or retroclones or adventures, let me know.

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  1. very satisfactory eh? Well that means I have some work left so I can get to outstanding! :)