Thursday, February 23, 2012

BoL Star Wars Development Page

I'm really serious about developing a Star Wars version of Barbarians of Lemuria.  Honest!  I know I've said it before but I (more) serious this time.  I admire the work of Fenway5 at his Sword and Shield blog and am inspired by him to try my hand at game development.  Well at least a game conversion.  Well, a conversion that is very derivative of two sources.  So, I've set up a development page as a place to post my thoughts and gather feedback.  I've already transferred the few posts on the subject from this blog to the new one.  I hope making this public spurs me to action.  There is a link to the right which will take you there.  You can also find it here:

BoL Star Wars.

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  1. Go for the gold amigo! I really like BoL and can't wait to see your Star Wars take on the system! Make it happen captain!