Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ghosts in the Moon-Tower

I am so behind on my game related reading that it isn't even funny.  It's amazing how much time a job and family can take up.  Sheesh!!!

Anyway, I've had Dicey Tales #2 in my possession for quite some time and haven't had a chance to read it. Well, I grabbed it last night and gave it a quick look through.  I read only one article thoroughly.  That was "Ghosts in the Moon-Tower" by Garnett Elliott, a.k.a. G-Man.

"Ghosts in the Moon-Tower" is set in Lemuria amongst the Besharoon Mountains.  It is a compact adventure that involves some mysterious ruins of a lost civilization.  It is an imaginative adventure that I would enjoy running.  Only one question niggles at me about it:  Where do the villagers get milk in a lizard dominated world?

I think "Ghosts..." is a great addition to G-Man's series of BoL adventures.  I also think it is pretty cool that it's been published.  His adventures are much more valuable than free.  Hey, I like free but he deserves the recognition.

There are a couple of other adventures in the issue that look promising, as well as a nice bestiary of both regular animals and fantastic creatures.  Another feature I like about this issue is that it is inclusive of other members of the BoL family.  For example, one of the adventures uses the pulp rules laid out in the first edition of the magazine while the other is for the Legends of Steel world.

Good stuff all around.


  1. About the milk, well, these are special lizard-ostriches, see, and they have milk glands . . .

    Alright, I didn't catch that one in the edits. It begs the larger question of milk/cheese in the Lemuria setting. Are there any mammals besides humans and uzegs?

    I'm glad you liked the adventure. It's actually the first one I wrote for BoL. I (usually) get paid for writing fiction, so I don't mind giving away free stuff to my brethren gamers. However, my contributor's copy of Dicey Tales #2 is yet to arrive . . .

  2. A professional writer? Cool! I googled your name. I'll have to get ahold of some of your stuff. Beat to a Pulp sounds like it is right up my alley.

    And let me speak for the gamer community when I say: Thank you for your contribution. Thank you very much.

  3. I'll have to pick up Dicey Tales #2, I didn't realize that G-Man had an adventure in there.

    I've read through all the adventures posted on Strange Stones and ran "Crimson Shoals" over the Christmas holidays. It was short, about the right length for a good gaming session and the pregen characters were half of the story. Awesome!