Monday, September 21, 2015

Grit the Barbarian (Dragon Warriors) on the Mercanian Coast is hard, particularly the winters.  Grith grew up with this reality.  The tall, blond warrior's childhood was spent helping his father scratch a living from the poor soil of their small farm.  As well as teaching Grith how to farm, his father taught him how to fight.  From the start Grith was better at fighting.  Then, during Grith's 17th winter, disaster struck.  Folks called that winter the Frostburn.  It was the harshest winter in living memory.  It was also the winter that the Wasting Plague hit Grith's village and nearly wiped it out.  Grith's entire family died save for one younger sister.  Grith attempted to keep the farm going but not having the natural skill of his father, he failed.  Despairing, Grith arranged his sister's marriage to the local jarl's youngest son using the farm as dowry.  With her future assured, Grith took the only option left for a free man.  He joined the crew of a longboat on a raiding expedition.

Grith excelled at the life of an adventurer.  After a few raiding seasons he had amassed enough booty to buy a nice farm in Thuland.  The more fertile land and with hired workers, Grith was more successful this time.  However, the mundane life of a farmer bored him.  Adventure kept calling and he answered.  He rented the farm to his workers and took up raiding and adventuring again.


Strength 15
Reflexes 13
Intelligence 9
Psychic Talent 7
Looks 12

Attack 15 Defence 7
Magical Attack 0 Magical Defence 2
Armor Factor 3
Evasion 6
Stealth 13 Perception 5

Skills:  Track, Berserk, Ride Warhorse

Equipment:  Two-Handed Sword, Mail Armor

Health Points 11

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