Sunday, October 14, 2018

Greg Stafford

Greg Stafford passed away.  This saddens me.  I have never met or interacted with the man or played Runequest or any of the other games derived from it.  However, he holds a special place in my gaming heart.  The first RPG I played with my now 18 year old son was Prince Valiant, written by Stafford.  I tracked down a used copy about 12 years ago because I had heard it was a good introductory game for kids.  Mr. Stafford, through his game, created special memories for my son and me and for that I thank him.

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  1. He was a good egg
    Only met him a few times, including a memorable sweat lodge weekend, but I played Runequest and King Arthur Pendragon for 30 years on & off
    He always stressed it was the story that mattered,not whatever rules got you there & that stuck with me