Saturday, January 20, 2024

Mini Six: Bare Knuckle Edition

I'm often oblivious to things happening in the gaming world.  I'll get focused on one or a small handful of games to the exclusion of all others, even favorites.  Well, that has happened again.  AntiPaladin Games came out with a new version of Mini SixEight months ago!  And Ray Nolan, the author, has been working on it and talking about it for at least a year!  Talk about head in the sand.
So what's different?  Mini Six: BKE is non-OGL.  It is not a complete game.  It is intended to be used as the basis for others to build their games on.  Thus, there is a lot left out like the mini settings.  And there is some changes.  I haven't read it yet so I'm not sure what has changed.  I'm still surprised there is a new version.

You can find it free at the AntiPaladin Games website.

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