Monday, June 24, 2024

Doratas & Philosophia

 Another thing I did during my quiet time was create a game...kinda.

I've always wanted to write/create a roleplaying game.  I've never had the discipline nor the imagination to do so.  I've had thoughts on how to heavily house rule something like White Box to fit a certain vision but I haven't got around to it for the reasons above.  So I cheated.  I hacked Lasers & Feelings.

Lasers & Feelings is an ultra-lite game that has been hacked in nearly every way you can think.  It is very easy to modify and change to whatever genre you want.  Heck, there's actually a template where you can just fill in the blanks to make your version of the game.  So I did it.  See, cheating.  But at least I did something.  And it might help spur me on to other things.

Thus, I present a draft of Doratas & Philosophia (Spears & Philosophy).  It is a mashup of Mythical and Archaic Greece for the players and GM to use as their playground.

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I used several inspirations and resources.  Lasers & Feelings, of course.  I used used Template Hack for L&F and {{Blanks}} & [[Spaces]] to help me organize the document and make sure I didn't miss anything. I also looked to the L&F hack Glory & Gold and good old Mazes & Minotaurs to spark my imagination (i.e. plunder shamelessly.)

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