Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barbarians of Lemuria

I fell in love with Barbarians of Lemuria the moment I read the free version. Don't exactly know why but I did. I have always enjoyed a good Conan story and as others have commented, this game fits the sword & sorcery genre perfectly. It is rules-lite which is a big bonus to me. I seem to have an antipathy for easy spellslinging. Magic seems to me as if it should be dark and mysterious. And difficult. BoL provides this in a flexible system. And though I am not overly enamored with the setting it seems as if it would be easy to change it over to Hyboria or some other land. I purchased the commercial PDF soon after reading the free version and I will soon acquire the print version. (The new, revised print version comes out in December. Hurm, just in time for Christmas.) I have not had the opportunity to play it yet (along with many, many other games) but I really want to. I also want to get the Legends of Steel BoL edition and Barbarians of the Aftermath (loves me some post-apocalypse). I would like to have them in hardcopy if it is ever published that way.

I recently created a couple of BoL characters. I think I'll post them soon.


  1. Thanks for putting me on to this. Great little game!

  2. The Barbarians of the Aftermath print version is coming out in February at $44.95 for a 176 page, full colour hardback.