Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Games I Own

I don't have much left from the old days. All of my D&D, AD&D, Gamma World and Top Secret stuff disappeared or was destroyed at various times. About all I have left is my Classic Traveller books and my Melee/Wizard games. The last may not count because I never owned or played In the Labyrinth.

Several years ago I purchased the GURPS 3rd edition core book and the Gurps Traveller, Imperial Rome, Space, Transhuman Space, and Low Tech supplements. I've never played.

My recent resurgence of interest has prompted me to buy Mongoose Traveller, Savage Worlds, Slipstream, and 3:16 in hard copy. I have Supercrew, BASH, and WEG Star Wars 1st Edition on the way. I've also purchased PDFs of Barbarians of Lemuria, Broadsword, and HardNova II. I liked the read-through of BoL so much that I am going to get it in paper-version when the new edition comes out in December.

I've downloaded a bajillion free PDFs. Of these, I've printed out Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, ZeFRS, Mazes & Minotaurs, and 4C. Of these, I've only played a little Labyrinth Lord.

And you know what? I want MORE!


  1. I know the feeling.

    For your nine year old son, I strongly recommend Labyrinth Lord. He (perhaps) doesn't have any pre-conceived notions of D&D, and the idea of "race as class" should sit perfectly fine with him (all the dwarves in the hobbit are, after all, just dwarves).

    I've seen some folks have used 3:16 to good effect with their kids, though the darker nuances of the game may be lost (just fun to blow stuff up). I'm not sure how Trav might work with a younger player...unless you keep the scale of the Imperium small.

    Eh...but what am I saying. Have fun! The larger selection of games just gives you more fun options to play!

  2. Thanks. We have used LL for a couple of sessions. I'll write about it some in the next post or two.