Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Advanced Fighting Fantasy Characters - The Wizard

Here is the second character I created using the rules in Dungeoneer. The first can be found here.

I refered to Titan, the Fighting Fantasy world book, to help fill in the background of both characters.

Age 26

Skill 8
Stamina 18
Luck 11

Magic 11
Dagger 9
Sleight of Hand 9
Con 9
Dodge 9
Languages 1

Light 1
Open 1
Stamina 1
Counter Spell 2
Force Bolt 2
Sleep 2

Equipment - Dagger, Staff, Spell Book, 2 gp.

Argol grew up rough in the dangerous city of Blacksand. Abandoned by his parents a local wizard noticed his cleverness and curiosity and took him in. Realizing this could be his escape from poverty, he worked hard and soon became an adept wizard.

Argol is willful, driven to succeed and curious. He is not always completely honest, a trait that hearkens back to his days in the streets. He does, however, have a loyal streak and a form of honor. When his master was murdered he hunted down and killed each of the thugs responsible. He then fled Blacksand.

"What's that? Let me see."
"No, really. That's what happened."

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