Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reading in Public

I read RPGs in public twice this week. Both times in restaurants.

The first occasion was on Monday. I was reading a printout of the rules for Mini-Six. The little silhouettes for the sample characters, creatures and vehicles caught a lady’s attention. She asked what I was reading and I replied that it was the rules to a game. She asked what kind of game and I replied a role-playing game.
“Like Dungeons and Dragons?”
“Yes. But you can use the rules for any setting you want.”
She smiled and nodded and that was the end of the conversation.

On Thursday I was reading the quick-start rules for Basic Role-Playing. Nobody noticed except for one of the people I supervise. He noticed the cover as I walked out and chuckled.

I chose these two specifically because they were printouts. If someone would’ve shown enough interest I would’ve just gave it to them to keep.

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  1. Hi !

    I found your blog by way of the forum.

    I also read lots of RPG books in public (usually in mass transit, as I take the train to work every morning).
    Most of the time people tend to ignore what I read.
    But sometimes I get what I call "the look".

    "The look" is this kind of snobbish, not-understanding look of pure prejudice. Like as I am reading a role-playing game, I most certainly be worshipping devils and drawing pentagrams in my basement for invoking nameless demons. I most be a nerdy loser still living at my parent's house, not paying any rent, and my mother is still doing my laundry and making my lunch (which would consist only of baloney sandwiches).

    As opposed to you, I was actually reading the book proper (and not a print-out).
    Anyway, even still in 2010 some people are as close-minded as during the hey-day of the 50's.

    my two-cents comment