Monday, November 19, 2012

Heroes and Other Worlds

Heroes & Other Worlds Adventure GameThe gift-giving season must be coming because the good stuff keeps rolling out.  Mr. Brandon (aka Fenway5 of the Sword and Shield blog) has published Heroes and Other Worlds (development blog here).  I am excited about this as it is based on Melee/Wizard/TFT and I loved that game back in the ancient days.  It even contains a programmed adventure from Dark City Games.  I loved those also.  Unfortunately, because of circumstances I can't pick it up right away.  Sigh.  There is even a coupon for it.  Methinks it will be on my Christmas list though.

You can buy the paperback from Lulu HERE.


  1. Thanks for the kind mention and congrats on 200 posts! Christmas is coming my friend!

    I will post a December coupon (when they come out) so someone special can place it under the tree for you!

  2. Did you eventually get your HOW, Narmer? I just picked it up and am quite happy with the book.

  3. I haven't yet. I do have a bit of Christmas money that I plan to use for it but haven't done it yet. I'd also like a nice sale.