Sunday, January 12, 2014

BoL Egyptian Style

Some Bad Fiction and a Couple of Characters      

The tavern was dim, the shuttered windows keeping most of the fierce midday sun at bay.  Intef took a sip from his beer-straw and looked across the low table at his companion.  “Do not become a soldier, my young brother.  It is a miserable life.  In the summer you boil, never seeming to cool.  In the winter you freeze.  You march all day and sleep on the rocky ground at night.  The food is
terrible, when there is food.  Do you know that when it is cold enough, water turns solid?”
      “I have heard of that.  I thought it was but a traveler’s tale related to impress the gullible,” replied Djehuti.  “But I want to travel.  I want to see the world as you have.”
“The only part of the world I have seen is the desert outpost I am posted," said Intef.  “Miles away from anywhere, surrounded by sand and scorpions and asps.  Once in a great while the sand people stage a raid.  That is all that breaks the monotony.  Then it is blood and fear and the smell of death.  No.  You will continue your studies as a scribe.  I am now Greatest of 50.  The outpost commander cannot remember a soldier so valiant or a one so quickly promoted to Line Leader, then Standard Bearer then to Greatest of 50.  By Montu, I will soon be the Commander of 250!  Then higher.  Even a Division Commander!”
      “No!  I cannot be a scribe.  I could never hold the symbols in my mind.  You must do it.  Then you will work in luxury for a high official or a noble.  If you apply yourself you may even become a scribe in the royal household.  Then, with me holding high rank in the military and you holding high position as a scribe, we can can forget the wretched mud-brick hovel we grew up in and lift ourself to a higher station.  No more rooting in the mud as farmers and laborers.”
Djehuti sighed.  “But brother...”
     “Swear to me.  Here and now.  Swear to me you will stay and become a scribe.”
Djehuti looked crestfallen, “By Thoth and Seshat I give my pledge:  I will stay with my studies and become a scribe.”
“Good, young one."  Intef’s eyes took on a faraway look.  “One day we shall be a family to be reckoned with.  With your skills with the stylus and my skill with the mace and blade, we shall make it so.  One day.  One way or another.”

Two ambitious brothers from an impoverished background.  What will be their fate?  Will they survive and thrive in ancient Kemet?  Or will they fall to political intrigue or be destroyed by some nameless horror?


Attributes:  Strength 2, Agility 1, Mind 0, Appeal 1
Combat Abilities:  Brawl 1, Melee 2, Ranged 0, Defense 1
Careers:  Soldier 2, Warrior 1, Farmer 0, Thief 0
Boons:  Mace Fighter
Languages:  Egyptian
Weapons:  Mace (d6+2), Dagger (d3+2)
Armor:  Shield (2)


Attributes:  Strength 0, Agility 1, Mind 2, Appeal 1
Combat Abilities:  Brawl 1, Melee 1, Ranged 0, Defense 2
Careers:  Scribe 2, Assassin 1, Thief 0, Farmer 0
Boons:  Artistic, Sneaky
Flaws:  Feels the Cold
Languages:  Egyptian, Aramaic, Hittite
Weapons:  Dagger (d3)


  1. I love BoL for it's simplicity and ease in which you can graft into about any setting you want.

  2. Yep. One of the reasons I love it too.