Friday, January 17, 2014

Heroes & Other Worlds

Other Worlds await!I have so many games and so little time that some games are almost criminally neglected.  Heroes & Other Worlds (HOW) is one of them.  I've had these rules for quite a while and haven't done them justice yet.

As I've said before, probably ad nauseam, I loved the original Melee rules and played the programmed adventures to death.  For some reason, lost in the mists of time, I did not get In the Labyrinth, the rule set that expanded Melee into a complete adventuring system (though I really wanted it) .  Well, HOW does just that.  It not only expands the system but it tweaks it also.  HOW adds another attribute to the player character, Endurance.  Endurance makes the player character more durable.  Damage and the cost of casting spells are deducted from Endurance first before reducing Strength.  In the original system damage was deducted directly from Strength.

I'm currently using HOW to run my youngest through the programmed adventure Death Test.  Why Death Test?  I had originally planned to run him through the programmed adventure included in the book but he liked the name Death Test better.  More dangerous sounding.  I sent three "thugs" with him.  He created a wizard so I sent three warriors with him.  One archer and two swordsmen.  So far he's made through the spider room and defeated the bears.  I can't wait til we find time to continue.


  1. thanks very much for the kind words and forgiving the games a shout out! I really appreciate it! On my to do list for HOW is an ode to Death Test called Grim Venture. Can't wait to hear how the Death Test turns out!!

  2. I'll be looking forward to Grim Venture.

  3. HOW is a great resource. I've only tried it once but it worked pretty well with TFT and games from Dark City Games as well.