Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Geek Orthodox contest got me thinking about Batman. Batman is my favorite superhero. He really has no rivals in my opinion. Dark, brooding, skilled. One of the Batman's major selling points for me is that he doesn't have superpowers. Can't fly, no super strength, no beams shooting from his eyes, etc. Just a powerful intellect and dedicated physical training. A triumph of the will. Theoretically, that is something any of us can aspire to. Yeah, I know he's rich and that gives him an immense advantage but it is still his willpower that makes it possible. The other thing I like about Batman is that he will not kill. That just strikes a cord with me. He could so easily remove so many of the threats to Gotham by simply killing the villains but he doesn't. He wants justice and an end to the killing.

I have two favorite incarnations of Batman. The older Batman of The Dark Knight Returns and the animated Batman from the early '90s. One of my favorite episodes from the series is entitled "Legends of the Dark Knight." In it three kids tell each other what they think Batman is really like. This episode is actually based on one of the comics from the '70s. But for me cool thing for me is one of the kids describe Batman as he is in The Dark Knight Returns. Not just cool but very cool. The intersection of my two favorite Batmans.

I could go on a long time about this but keeping with the gaming theme of this blog here is Batman stated up for Supercrew.


3 - Equipment: Utility Belt
2 - Skill: Martial Arts
1 - Skill : Detective

Reroll: (Detective) Fear of the Batman
Change to 5: (Utility Belt) The Right Tool for the Job
Effect 2: (Martial Arts) Surprise Attack

As much as I would like to claim this as my own, I can't. I originally found this on a thread at You can find the entire thread here.

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  1. Could not agree more Bat fan! For DC comics Batman is it...Green Arrow is a second runner up for much the same reasons. He is just a man, with super skills, but he is still a man.

    Christopher Nolan's Batman films are also a great take on Batman, and Dark Knight really illustrated the Batman/ Joker dynamic beautifully.