Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essential DnD Starter Set

I found this information in a post at Akratic Wizardry.

In September WoTC will be coming out with a boxed set aimed at 4e newbies. It will be part of the "Essential" series. It may be the equivalent to the old Basic sets that came out years ago. I haven't had any desire to check out 4e. Until now. A $20 entry price is really attractive. If I don't like it I haven't spent a huge amount finding out.


  1. I love boxed sets! The notion that inside is a whole game (ala board games) is a pigeon hole that most of us grew up whether we played Monopoly, Risk, or Basic D&D. That WotC and most RPG companies abandoned this format is surprising. Boxed sets were basic and provided the basic core of what you needed to play. Then you could buy single books to expand it. I believe the hardback "by nerds for nerds" format has stymied the RPG genre coupled with the "by rules lawyers for rules lawyers" method of rules writing and you have the current industry malaise. Remember the old SSI "Gold Box" PC games? I'd love to rule sets and boxed sets in that format: Compact and not intimidating.

  2. I liked boxed sets too. Its one of the reasons I was attracted to Ancient Odysseys (and the fact that it is supposed to be pretty simple.) My first rpg was the Holmes D&D that came in a box. It kinda set the standard for me.

  3. I've seen the 4e Player's Handbook for $20. at local used book stores. That's a pretty good price for a book I'll keep laying around for a while so I'm gonna pick one up pretty soon.