Monday, January 11, 2010

Roleplaying amongst the Worlds of Star Wars

So, my oldest heir has already developed a case of gamer ADD. I think I have mentioned this before. We've three different campaigns of Labyrinth Lord started with a couple of sessions of each and he's mentioned other campaigns he'd like to play. So, I sat the lad down and told him that the gaming was to scattered and that we needed to pick one campaign and play it exclusively for awhile. I gave him the choices of any of the three games we had going already, a Beowulf type setting. He recently read a version of it and was suitably stoked by it. Or the Star Wars setting that he mentioned wanting to play. So, he chose Star Wars.

Now, I have to pick the game system. I'm looking at a couple. So far I've thought of Risus and I have a copy of West End Games d6 version I've been meaning to read. So, if anyone has any suggestion for a system that would be suitable for my sharp-witted 9 year-old heir or experience with this sort of situation, I'm open to comments.


  1. I liked the WEG system back in high school. I've not looked at the rules in ages though. I'm reading X-plorers and Star Frontiers at the moment. I wonder what a Star Wars universe would look like through those lenses...

  2. Ya gotta use Legos for your character minis for your Star Wars games!