Friday, January 15, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 15 Spooktacular

Spooktacular, dubbed "A Cheerfully Spooky Role‐Playing Game" by the publisher is an
homage, yes a clone, of a very famous game based on a very famous movie featuring ghosts.  That famous game was also the first d6 dice pool game.  WEG's Star Wars used the system established by it.

There are several steps to creating a character in Spooktacular, many involving tables.  Now the rules say you can choose from the tables or roll.  I'm going to roll unless the results turn out to be contradictory.  

First Archetype.  There normal archetypes and weird archetypes.  I'll stick with normal.

Archetype: Inventory - I'm the only one who can create gadgets for hunting ghosts.  I can spend 3 Awesome Points to jury-rig a para-technology gadget.

Quirks: Dad Jokes, Goggle.  So I have a penchant for telling dad jokes and I always wear goggles.  Which makes sense for an inventor.

Stats: There are four stats that you divide 12 point between.  They can range from 1-5.  These are the number of dice you roll when attempting an action in each category.
Action 2
Brains 5
Contacts 2
Cool 3

Talents: You have one talent under each Stat.  When you use that talent you roll 3 extra dice.
Action - Run
Brains - Deduction
Contacts - Get Out of Jury Duty
Cool - Hard Sell

Motivation: Proving Myself - Gain Awesome Points whenever people recognize your

There's even a name table:  Eduardo Holtzmann


Name:           Eduardo Holztann
Archetype:    Inventor
Quirks:          Dad Jokes, Goggles
Motivation:    Proving Myself

Action 2 - Run
Brains 5 - Deduction
Contacts 2 - Get Out of Jury Duty
Cool 3 - Hard Sell

Awesome Points: 20

Etheric Ray Thrower
Ghost Puncher

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