Saturday, January 16, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 16 Far Away Land

Far Away Land is a simple little fantasy game that leans hard into gonzo.  If you've ever seen the cartoon Adventure Time then you'll get the vibe.  It's a d6 dice pool game but after rolling you only keep the highest die rolled.  If you roll multiple sixes then the first six counts as a six and the others add one to the result.

The first step in character creation is to create a concept.  I want a barbarian type character.

Next, stats.  There are three stats in FAL:  Brute, Dexterity and Wits.  You have six points to distribute among them and they can't start higher than 3 or lower than 1.


Hit Points:  BRT + 10 = 13

Armor Class:  Armor soaks damage.  I'm going to start my barbarian out with Leather Armor so his AC is 2.

Actions:  FAL has an action economy during combat.  A player spends Action points to do things like
move (which costs 2 ACT) or melee attack (3 ACT).   ACT:  DEX + 3 = 5.

Luck:  A character always starts with 2.

Boons:  Boons are skills that characters have.  They add bonus dice to appropriate activities.  The rules say that a character can start with up to five.  I'll choose three.  Alert, Athletics and Melee.

 Flaws:  A character also has flaws.  You roll a d3 to determine the number.  I rolled a 2.  I'll choose Naive and Reckless.

Spells:  None.

Gear:  Leather Armor, Battle Axe, Dagger, 8 GP.


Rolf Teethgrinder

BRT: 3  DEX: 2  WIT: 1
ACT: 5  Luck: 2  LVL: 1  XP: 0
AC: 2

Boons: Alert 1,  Athletics 1,  Melee 1
Flaws: Naive, Reckless
Spells: None
Gear:  Leather Armor (2), Battle Axe (1d6+1), Dagger (1d6), 8 GP.