Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 6 The Sword of Cepheus.

For day 6 of the Character Creation Challenge I decided to create a character in a game that's
new to me, The Sword of Cepheus.  Though Sword is new to me the game it's based on isn't.  It's a direct descendant of Traveller.  And I've created dozens of Traveller characters over the years.  Most of them simply for the fun of it.  So here goes.

In this game you roll two d6 six times and arrange them how you want.  I rolled pretty well and, after looking over the career tables, decided I wanted to try to make this character a soldier.

STR 9 DEX 7 END 10 INT 7 EDU 5 SOC 9

I chose the Savage Hinterland background which gave me the skills:
Athletics 1
Recon 1
Survival 1

Your character starts at the age of 14 and goes through 4 year terms in their career.  You can choose the career you would like your character to be in, however, you must make a qualification roll.  If you fail the qualification roll you must take the Commoner or Noble career, depending on your Social Standing, or choose the Vagabond career.

So I wanted my character to be a Soldier.  The qualification roll is 8+ with a bonus for a high endurance.  I rolled a 7 but I got a +1 for my Endurance so I made it.

Term 1
First is basic training.  The character receives their six service skill at level 0.  So I get.
Craft 0
Archery 0
Artillery 0
Melee Combat 0
Recon 0
Riding 0

And I get Melee Combat 1 for being a simple Legionary.

Having a skill at 0 means you don't get an unskilled penalty.  Since he already has Recon at 1, receiving it at 0 has no effect.

Next is a Survival Roll.  If you don't make this your character dies.  I need a 6 with a STR bonus.  I pass easily.

Since I survived I get two skills for my first term.  I roll:
Melee Combat

Then an Advancement Roll which is SOC 6+.  I pass that and I'm promoted to Tesserarius.  I receive a skill for that and another roll.
+1 DEX

Then I rolled for a life event.  I rolled Art of War.

Then it's time to reenlist if you want.  I need a 5, rolled a 7 and choose to.

Term 2  Age 18
I survived, received another promotion, rode with the cavalry but failed my reenlistment roll.  So it's time to muster out.  I get two mustering out rolls, one for each term but I do not have a high enough rank to gain any rolls from that.  I decide to roll once on each table.
200 gold

So this is my character:

Jag Daku
Age 22 Former Soldier  Final Rank: Signifier

STR 9 DEX 8 END 10 INT 7 EDU 5 SOC 9

Athletics 1
Recon 1
Survival 1
Craft 0
Archery 1
Artillery 0
Melee Combat 2
Riding 1
Tactics 1
Leadership 1
Stealth 1

200 Gold
Fancy Sword

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