Sunday, January 3, 2021

Character Creation Challenge - Day 3 Far Trek

 Far Trek is an homage to Star Trek by C.R. Brandon.  You can find it his Far Trek blog.  It is a simple 3d6 system.  It is classed based in a way as you are either a Yellow Shirt, a Blue Shirt or a Red Shirt.  I decided to go risky today and make a character who is not only a Red Shirt but also a member of the security branch.

Ensign Enibish Geser (Human, Red Shirt Security)

ST +2 IQ 0 DX +1 CH 0
Fate Points: 3

Skills:  Armed Melee +1, Interrogate +1, Investigate, Marksmanship +2, Unarmed Melee +1, Small Unit Tactics +1

Talents:  Brawler, Heroic, Ripped Shirt


  1. Thanks for participating. I've added your site to my list of participants in the Character Creation Challenge.

  2. Love Far Trek! Thanks for posting this. I wish I had done more Sci-Fi games.